Born in 1967 in Palo Alto, CA, USA and raised in Los Altos Hills, Laura Jacobson earned an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (2003) and a BA from Stanford University (1989). She worked as a journalist for San Francisco Bay Area newspapers then pursued her lifelong passion for the visual arts. Her early interests in ceramics and the human form grew to encompass a deeper query into the human brain and collisions between biology and culture. She recently completed a solo exhibition titled 'Into the Mind' for the McKnight Foundation in Minneapolis, MN. Her 2014 work 'Digital Sediment II' won Honorable Mention at the 'BRAIN-ART Initiative' show at the Beverley Art Center in Chicago, IL. A permanent installation of her 'Brain Scapes' is on display at Stanford University. She is raising two kids with neuroscientist Anthony Wagner and maintains a sculpture and print studio in Palo Alto.